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    The bridge to success is access: access to a quality education; access to go to the college of their dreams; access to new places and opportunities. At Summit Academy Charter School, we have designed the entire curriculum around the goal of getting scholars into college.

    Books are just the beginning of the educational process. Summit Academy Charter School has developed an integrated program that immerses scholars in a system that culminates in a mastery of subjects. We keep academic standards high but class sizes small so our extraordinarily dedicated faculty can give each scholar the individual attention he or she needs. That applies to every program at every grade and every level, including special needs.

    Our funding comes from a mix of government agencies and private donors, so scholars can take advantage of this tremendous opportunity without having to pay any tuition whatsoever.

    Summit Academy Charter School

    Our Impact

    We don’t just prepare students for college. We prepare them for life.
    Passes 8th Grade Regents
    Graduation Rate
    College Acceptance Rate
    College Enrollment Rate

    Opportunity for All

    More than just a generic mission, college preparation is at the crux of Summit Academy’s purpose. The reality is that all scholars will not obtain a scholastic scholarship into a college or university, so Summit Academy Charter School deliberately creates alternate paths to a secondary education for all scholars. This sense of shared responsibility is a critical factor in maintaining world-class expectations for every scholar –regardless of race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status or prior educational achievement.

    Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

    A comprehensive education requires a partnership between scholars, parents, faculty, and community leaders. We are proud to say that we have cultivated a partnership which is the foundation of the safe, supportive, and inspiring environment that has allowed our scholars to thrive.

    We offer a range of extracurricular activities including:

    • Musical Theater
    • Theatre History/Advanced
    • Introduction to Dance
    • Film Studies
    • Enhanced Athletics Programs

    We Don't Just Teach Students, We Cultivate Scholars

    At Summit Academy, we believe that teaching is an artful, sacred science. To meet the needs of our diverse learners, we use a variety of proven, research-based instructional models, strategies and best practices. We believe that impactful, effective teaching and learning is a cyclical process, which consists of six steps (outlined in greater detail below):

    1. Planning
    2. Teaching
    3. Assessing
    4. Analyzing
    5. Adapting/Reassessing
    6. Reflecting

    Full curriculum model can be found here.

    A Caring Community

    A comprehensive education requires a partnership between scholars, parents, faculty, and community leaders. We are proud to say that we have cultivated a partnership which is the foundation of the safe, supportive, and inspiring environment that has allowed our scholars to thrive.

    Application Process

    Application Process Steps:

    NOTE: The application period for enrollment in September 2021 closes on April 1st. Applications submitted after April 1st will be entered on to the waiting list in the order they are received.

    1. Fill out one Application Form per child you wish to enroll (takes approximately 5 minutes per application).

          2.You and your child(ren) must be a New York State resident(s) to apply to Summit Academy Charter School.

         3.Summit Academy will send you a confirmation notice that your application was received within 5 business days.

         4. On April 7, 2021 a lottery will be held to determine your child(ren’s) admission to Summit Academy Charter School.

    Additionally, a lottery preference is given to:

        1. Siblings of current or accepted scholars;

        2. Children of Summit Academy Charter School employees; and

        3. Applicants who reside within the Community School District of a school they’ve applied to.

    How The Process

    1. Apply by April 1, 2021
    2. Receive Eligibility Confirmation
    3. Await Lottery Selection
    4. Receive & Return Enrollment
    5. See you at Summit Academy Charter School!

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    What is a charter school?

    Charter schools are part of the public school system, however they are independent public schools that operate according to the terms of a five-year performance contract or “charter.” Charter schools commit to meet specific goals for academic performance and their charter can be revoked if agreed-upon results are not attained. Like all publicly funded schools, charter schools must meet Regents requirements and state laws for health, safety, civil rights and student assessment. In addition, charter schools must accept all students and cannot discriminate in their admission policy. The New York City Department of Education is doing more to support charter schools than most host districts in the country. By providing facilities support and other resources to charter schools, Chancellor Klein is inviting charter schools into a dialog about what works best for all children in New York City. For more information about Charter Schools in New York City visit the New York City Center for Charter School Excellence.

    How are charter schools different from NYC public schools?

    Accountability: Charter schools are held to very high standards and are responsible for educating public school students. Charter schools are approved only after a rigorous review process. Autonomy: Once schools open, they are governed by a not-for-profit Board of Trustees. They are exempt from many state and local regulations regarding curriculum development, personnel hiring and financial management, but must succeed in hitting established targets for their academic programs. Choice: Parents, teachers, community groups, organizations, or individuals interested in creating additional educational opportunities for children can start charter schools. Local and state school boards, colleges and universities, and other community agencies can sponsor them. Students choose to attend, and teachers choose to teach at charter schools.

    How long have charter schools been operating?

    Charter schools are one of the fastest growing innovations in education and are supported on the city, state and federal government levels. The first charter school was established in Minnesota in 1991.How many are there in NYC? Nationwide?As of fall 2010, there are 125 Charter Schools in New York City. Nationally there are 3,500 Charter Schools in 40 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, serving more than one million students.What are the benefits of enrolling my child in a charter school?Charter schools provide an innovative alternative to traditional NYC public schools. With their high degree of autonomy, aggressive performance goals, and strict accountability, charter schools: Enable teachers to be more creative and innovative in their teaching methods and subject matter. Provide an added education resource in areas underserved by public schools. Tend to be smaller in classroom size and overall student body for more personalized attention. Allow parents to choose a school based on what they think will work best for their children. Are held accountable for meeting student performance goals.

    How does Summit define success?

    We are a college preparatory school. Our goal is that every graduate of Summit Academy Charter School, regardless of prior academic achievement levels or socioeconomic status, will go to, succeed in, and graduate from college. Now more than ever, college is the ticket out of poverty. Yet fewer than one in ten children from the bottom quartile of household income will obtain a four-year college degree, compared to seven in ten from the top quartile. For African-American men, the economic benefits of a college education are striking. For every ten African-American men who complete a bachelor’s degree, nine will be gainfully employed. By contrast, only four in ten of those who drop out of high school will find a job. College matters. We define success through this and other specific, measurable commitments. These include DOE’s universal goals for charter schools and our own proposed “alternative indicators.”

    Who is on the Board?

    The Board of Trustees of Summit Academy is comprised of members diverse in personal and professional experiences. Each member of the board has expressed and demonstrated a commitment to using education to improve their communities through professional, volunteer and academic experience. Collectively, their experience includes expertise in law, marketing, business, finance, real estate, education, and compliance.

    Will the school offer free and reduced lunch and breakfast?


    Will the school offer Special Education and ELL services?


    2021-2022 Application for Admission

    Summit Academy Charter School bridges the gap between aspirations and realities by preparing 6th through 12th grade students to gain acceptance to, excel in and graduate from college by using three pillars of success: Mastery of core subjects, Character building, and Community leadership

    Only completed applications will be considered. Separate applications must be completed for each student. Summit Academy Charter School is a public school and does not discriminate in any way including on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, or disabilities.