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    Enrichment Beyond The Classroom

    A comprehensive education requires partnership between scholars, parents, faculty, and community leaders. We are proud to say that we have cultivated a partnership which is the foundation of the safe, supportive, and inspiring environment that has allowed our scholars to thrive.


    Graphic Design
    This course introduces the interaction of text and image and the fundamental components of graphic communication. Scholars will develop and hone skills in working with text and image as they create solutions to a series of design problems.
    Photography: Digital Storytellers Program
    Digital Photography Storytellers Program: Our Digital Photography Storytellers Program teaches scholars the fundamentals of digital photography, photojournalism and documentation. Scholars are treated to a series of workshops exploring the basics of concerned photography, journalism and storytelling via personal exploration with a digital camera and writing exercises.
    This course is designed to teach scholars applicable computer science skills. With a focus on helping scholars develop problem solving and computational thinking skills, scholars come away both with knowledge of professional programming languages and the conceptual understanding needed to learn new languages.
    Beginning Robotics
    The objective of this beginning course in robotics is to introduce the scholar to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve scholars in the development, building and programming of a robot.
    Technology and Engineering
    Technology and Engineering is a new course at SACS. Scholars will take a hands-on approach to mastering modern technological skills. The course will utilize computers, Google VR, 3D printing, among a variety of other technological developments. Acquired skills will translate to real-world job readiness and applicable knowledge for employment within the Engineering sector. Prior knowledge of technology and engineering is valuable but is not a prerequisite to taking this course.
    Enhanced Athletics Program
    The Summit Academy athletic program competes at the highest level while emphasizing the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual growth. The program offers a wide array of sports; scholars are encouraged to make selections based upon their abilities and interests. Summit Academy Charter School’s athletic program sponsors more than seven teams for grades six through twelve including: Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer, and Track and Field
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    Public Speaking
    Scholars will lose their fear of public speaking. The scholar will study famous speakers and evaluate their styles of speaking. Scholars will hone not only their public speaking skills, but also their listening comprehension skills.
    Musical Theater
    This course is reserved for scholars who are participating in the theatrical performances at SACS. Actors, producers, stagehands, costume designers, and singers are all able to participate in this course.
    Theatre History/Advanced
    The Theatre History course targets the social issues presented in a multitude of theatre works and bridges the real world with the stage.
    Scholars who play a string instrument, or are interested in learning an instrument should sign up for the String Orchestra elective. Scholars will learn from our expert music coach. This course should only be selected by scholars who are serious about playing and performing music.
    Introduction to Dance
    In this course, scholars will focus on learning dance terminology, history and techniques as well as composition. Appropriate attire is required for all activity days. Scholars will also be expected to attend dance and/or theatrical performances each semester.
    REACT To Film
    The REACT to FILM elective course is a semester long curricula that leverages the best social-issue films to expose scholars to today’s critical issues, to teach media literacy and promote civic engagement in classroom discussion with peers and teachers, and to inspire them to find their own voice on matters of universal civic importance.
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