Introduction to Esports

Summit Academy Charter School’s Esports Innovation Lab is a result of the joint vision, partnership, and efforts of Summit’s Leadership Team, and the Center for Educational Innovation’s (CEI: Esports Division. After developing a successful pilot during the Spring of 2022, Summit now has a fully equipped and operational Gaming laboratory designed to support students who are interested in the world of Gaming Opportunities and Competitive Esports teams. Students can earn elective credits toward graduation as well as opportunities to participate in after-school sessions for fun and engagement. We expect to graduate students who will pursue degree programs in Gaming, as well as students who will pursue competitive Esports opportunities.


7th through 12th grade students are currently enrolled in ESports classes, as well as participating in after-school opportunities. Our Innovation Lab continues to develop its identity alongside other academic opportunities offered at Summit. We are constantly networking with other schools and universities in hopes of supporting our goal of College and Career opportunities for Summit’s students.


CEI (Center for Educational Innovation):

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