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Introduction to The Arts Academy

The Summit Academy Charter School Arts Academy provides students an opportunity to study the performing arts at an advanced level while attending a college preparatory high school. Students at the Arts Academy will participate in a college-preparatory program and be exposed to all of the Academy’s disciplines. Students at art academies don’t just concentrate on one aspect of the performing arts. Summit Academy exposes all its students to theatre, dance, instrumental, and vocal music to develop well-rounded artists.

The Arts Academy’s mission is to provide students with exceptional visual and performing arts skills with a personally supportive and intellectually challenging environment in which to pursue their passions at a level of study that is specifically designed to prepare them for admission to college arts programs. Courses in the arts are intended to foster creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills and an appreciation for all art forms. As scholars improve visual art, dramatic and musical skills, scholars will also investigate art from a historical and cultural viewpoint.


1. Art Resources for Teachers and Students, also known as ARTS, is a cultural resource center that works in neighborhoods of New York’s Lower East Side.

2. The Arts Education Field Guide describes the ecosystem of partners, players, and policymakers in the field of arts education. 

3. Arts education can help students communicate their ideas and express themselves, whether inside or outside of an arts classroom.  Explore the terrific tools on this list to find ways to empower your students to move from consumption to creation, and to make their voices and perspectives heard.

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