Our Vision

Summit Academy Charter School expects and demands academic excellence from all students, instills character, and cultivates leadership. We are a school where students and faculty come together as a community of individuals who understand the process of learning and value scholarship and education. Teachers themselves engage in learning to be masters of their craft in an ever-growing field. They gain knowledge from the students and families which we serve about the community and regional culture. Students learn how to learn. They leave middle school with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently meet the challenges of high school, college, and their adult lives. Graduates of Summit Academy Charter School are academically equipped to meet their counterparts in college and have experiences that make them viable candidates to graduate from college. Summit Academy equips our students with the intellectual capacity and emotional fortitude to reach new heights and participate meaningfully in the greater economy. A small school environment allows for all students and staff to know one another intimately. The school's goal is to create a sense of oneness between students, staff, and parents, which allows for the school's mission to extend into the homes. Summit Academy has a multi-tiered approach to student supports which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the academic careers of students.

Summit Academy is dedicated to providing our students with a keen focus on mastery in the core disciplines: literacy, numeracy, science, social studies. Our curriculum prepares students for the rigors of college and provides the educational foundation to make college a true learning experience. foundation to make college a true learning experience. Through collaboration with staff, families, and the college community, we offer unlimited opportunities for our students to excel academically and multiple enrichments for students to grow in physical activity and the arts. This school is dedicated to each pupil that enters... that each may discover his or her own talent for learning, for growth, and for service. Summit Academy Charter School's purpose is met by a strong, diversified curriculum, which is marked by varied modes of teaching, and a balance of activities. Teachers use direct instruction and direct interacting teaching to engage students in the learning process. The school affords students multiple enrichments, visits to college campuses, exposure to new experiences, and trips to unfamiliar places. Our academic program is structured to accomplish two goals: (1) student acquisition and mastery of basic literacy, numeracy, and writing skills, and (2) student application of basic skills to synthesize, analyze, apply, and make inferences about content that is more challenging and complex. Not only are students able to answer 'what' but they are able to answer the 'why' and 'how' in all subject areas. Students perceive the importance of what they have learned rather than how much they have learned.

Faculty, students, families, and the community are actively involved in the educational process to create a safe, supportive environment where students are motivated to learn and believe that success is attainable. Everyone honors and respects the difference and uniqueness of each individual while developing a sense of responsibility toward themselves, their school community, and the community at large.