Our Philosophy

Summit Academy brings the benefits of rigorous scholarship to one of Brooklyn’s most underserved communities. We provide scholars in Community School District 15 with a public education that addresses their academic needs and delivers on the aspirations they and their families hold for them. The school prepares scholars to reach grade level expectations and develop the skills, competencies, and character necessary for success in college. Our academic design cultivates scholars through three venues: our Academic Program, our Character Development, and our Community Leadership Program.

OUR Curriculum


Middle School Foundation

Middle school curriculum focuses on building a foundation of skills and knowledge in the core content areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Our philosophy is one of remediation that leads to acceleration.  We provide 120 (110 to 6th grade only) instructional minutes in literacy and math daily — over twice the amount provided in local public schools.  Scholars participate in a weekly College Preparation class which develops age-appropriate, academic skills that transcend mere individual content areas and classroom education to lay the foundation for success.

High School Foundation

We recognize that when a scholar is applying for college, high school performance will be one of the main factors in the admission decision. Admissions officers are interested in seeing that the scholar was challenged within the secondary school environment.  Colleges pay close attention to curriculum rigor, grades earned and the work accomplished. Our philosophy is grounded in this reality, and our educational program is designed to ensure scholars have the skill set and transcript that will open up doors of opportunity.