Message From Our Founder

It’s hard to believe that Summit Academy Charter School is celebrating thirteen years with the close of this school year. Our first years brought many successes and challenges as our scholars pressed forth toward excellence. The road map Summit scholars are following is not effortless but has proven results in outstanding achievement.

Striving for excellence is the on-going mission of the Summit Academy Charter School family. Daily, our administrative and platinum teaching staff prepare scholars to meet and exceed the academic challenges of the State Education Department’s performance standards and assessments. As educators, we have an intense focus on ensuring that scholars learn to become literate and productive citizens of the twenty-first century. Summit Academy has the potential to be dramatically more effective than the traditional public schools in Community School District 15.

Summit Academy provides a superior education and extra-curricular program that afford children, who may be destined to lives of limited options, to have the chance to achieve their potential and make a contribution for themselves, their families and their communities.

Dr. Natasha Campbell


Our Mission

Summit Academy Charter School bridges the gap between aspirations and reality by preparing sixth through twelfth-grade students to gain acceptance to, excel in, and graduate from college by using three pillars of success: mastery of core subjects, character building, and community leadership.

By engaging students in an academically rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum, competitive athletics program, and comprehensive fine arts academy, Summit Academy will prepare our young people to participate meaningfully in the greater economy and expand their choices and opportunities.

OUR Core Beliefs

The core beliefs of our school will enable Staff, students, families, and the community to be involved in the educational process to create a safe, supportive environment where students are motivated to learn and believe that success is attainable. Everyone honors and respects the difference and uniqueness of each individual while developing a sense of responsibility toward themselves, their school community, and the community at large.

All Scholars Can Learn
We believe that all scholars can achieve at high levels, when provided with high quality, engaging instruction led by skilled and caring teachers who hold scholars to high expectations. We understand that scholars learn differently and at varying rates. We strive to understand how our scholars learn best and provide differentiated instruction to meet the diverse learning needs of all scholars.

Learning Should Be Engaging, Rigorous and Relevant
We recognize that it is easier for scholars to comprehend and retain information when we create a stimulating learning environment. To maintain an inspiring environment, teachers must both excite and challenge scholars in the work and ensure that they understand how the work is important to their lives and future goals. Subscribing to this idea of learning allows us to acknowledge that learning must be tailored to fit every scholar as it relates to his/her level as well as interests.

Teaching Is An Artful, Sacred Science
Teachers possess a great power to influence and shape our scholar’s intellect and character. With that power comes great responsibility to master the craft that ultimately impacts our children and their successes. We recognize that there is a recipe for effective teaching and we model those practices to support scholar growth.

Character is Key
A major component of Summit Academy Charter School’s vision is to support in the character development of our scholars. We want to raise not just intelligent citizens, but compassionate and conscious global citizens who realize their impact on their communities and the world around them. Creating well-rounded individuals takes both academic and character instruction.

Leaders Create the Culture for Teaching and Learning
Our instructional leaders at Summit Academy lead by example. They foster a collaborative environment where innovative ideas and best practices are shared freely to enhance the teaching and learning process. Our instructional leaders understand that teachers are leaders too and provide opportunities for teachers to learn and grow from one another. We participate in various internal and external professional learning communities to effectively collaborate through collective inquiry, research and data to advance our scholars.

It Takes a Village
Scholar growth and achievement takes the work of a community of people who are interested in seeing a child grow and achieve. Summit Academy Charter School partners with families, friends, our local and global community to teach and develop our children. Our Family Achievement Council (FAC) meets monthly. During the FAC meetings, we offer a variety of workshops on topics that include but are not limited to: How to Help Your Child with Homework, Cyber Bullying, and Test-taking strategies.

Message from our Principal

Machael Spencer-Edwards is dedicated to ensuring the scholars reach their academic potential.

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